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Wax treatment for men in Copenhagen

Efficient and gentle hair removal for men

Do you deserve to be pampered with a delicious and gentle wax treatment by the city's most specialized therapists? At La Petite Clinique, we offer men's hair removal with the popular sugaring wax treatment, which is suitable for use on the entire body. Our therapists ensure that you are in good hands before, during and after your sugar wax treatment.


Back excl. shoulders
390,00 DKK
½ leg
400,00 DKK
1/1 leg
600,00 DKK
1/1 leg incl. buttocks
750,00 DKK
400,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
350,00 DKK
350,00 DKK
450,00 DKK
Shaping of eyebrows incl. cut
150,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
300,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
Back & shoulder
450,00 DKK
200,00 DKK
150,00 DKK

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Wax treatment for men

Hair on your back, shoulders and chest? We offer professional waxing for men in Copenhagen on the whole body - intimate waxing for men we can do as well. The wax treatment leaves the skin wonderfully soft and without stubble - and then you will be left hair-free for several weeks afterwards.

The time has passed, with only women using wax treatment. In the clinic we already have several satisfied male customers who come again and again. And if you are a new customer, we would like to introduce you to how hair removal with wax works when you are a man.

In our experience, the most effective treatment for men's hair removal is waxing, because the skin is left fine, smooth and unobtrusive afterwards - and with a result that lasts for several weeks. If you use a scraper or razor, your hair will only be cut and therefore grow out soon after. Many also typically experience nuisance by, for example, ingrown hairs or red buds during regular shaving.

The advantage of using wax is that the hairs are removed at the root, so it also takes longer before the hairs grow out again. In addition, it also means that the new hair will be soft and therefore not prickly when you iron the palm over the skin.

If you get regular treatments you will notice that hair growth is significantly reduced and that they will feel softer and softer after each treatment. After a period of regular treatments, you will subsequently experience a lesser need for waxing, which will therefore only be necessary to a lesser extent than during the first treatments.

Grow off shoulders, back and loins

For many men it can be a great nuisance to have hair on both shoulders and back - which are even troublesome areas of the body to access on their own. If you are currently using a trimmer, you will also find that the hair has already grown out again after a few days - and then you can start over.

If you get the areas waxed by a professional waxer instead, you only need to get it done approx. every 6 weeks. And you will have a soft and delicate skin, as if you had no hair on your back, shoulders or loins.

For example, if you have waxed from the back and shoulders, the hairs are pulled out at the root, so you are sure that it will be a while before they grow out again. After treatment, the skin may feel sore, but it will go away soon. Subsequently, you will experience a soft skin with no hair growth. Our therapists will also instruct you on how to finish if needed.

Intimate wax treatment for men

Intimate hair removal can be, yes intimate. Our therapists are very professional and gladly offer waxing for men who want to have their hair removed in the lower regions. Our therapists have tried it many times before and no challenge is too “intimate”.

Do you think your hair has become too heavy or out of control, or you just like the smooth look, then we also offer Brazilian wax treatment, where a strip of hair for the navel is left behind. A Brazilian wax treatment for men we experience is a very popular treatment because you are not left completely hairless but are still allowed to keep a little. Would you rather have a complete shave, it's called a Hollywood

When ordering online, you currently cannot choose from our various intimate wax treatments, but instead agree with your therapist when you arrive at your time in the clinic.



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