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Gentle and effective hair removal with sugaring

Hair removal with sugaring is not only gentle, but also one of the most effective methods to remove unwanted hair - and then it can be applied to the entire body. At La Petite Clinique, our therapists specialize in professional body sugaring and we use only natural and 100% organic sugar wax to give you a gentle treatment that leaves your skin soft and smooth.


½ leg incl. Brazillian/Hollywood & buttocks
850,00 DKK
½ leg incl. Brazillian/Hollywood (returning customer)
700,00 DKK
½ leg incl. Brazillian/Hollywood (new customer)
750,00 DKK
½ leg incl. knee (returning customer)
400,00 DKK
½ leg incl. knee (new customer)
450,00 DKK
1/1 leg (returning customer)
400,00 DKK
1/1 leg (new customer)
700,00 DKK
½ leg Brazillian/Hollywood incl. bums
1000,00 DKK
1/1 leg Brazillian/Hollywood (returning customer)
850,00 DKK
1/1 leg Brazillian/Hollywood (new customer)
900,00 DKK
Facial sugaring
400,00 DKK
400,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
300,00 DKK
Bikini line
280,00 DKK
Brazillian/Hollywood (returning customer after 2-5 weeks)
399,00 DKK
Brazillian/Hollywood (returning customer after 6 weeks)
450,00 DKK
Brazillian/Hollywood (new customer)
499,00 DKK
Full body incl. eyebrows
2300,00 DKK
Full face and eyebrows
450,00 DKK
350,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
390,00 DKK

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Hair removal with sugaring wax

Waxing with sugaring consists of a mixture of sugar and lemon / water, which is so gentle that it can be applied to even the most sensitive skin types and thus areas such as armpits, intimate areas, face etc. The technique used for sugaring hair removal is crucial to the result, and at La Petite Clinique we have the expertise and the right know-how to ensure that the hair does not break in the hair follicles but that the hair root is pulled from the bottom and thus ensures a long-lasting result up to 4-6 weeks.

Repetitive treatments with sugaring also reduce the growth of new hairs and you will find that over time the hairs become finer and fewer of them appear in the areas of the body where sugaring has been applied. The subsequent treatments thus become progressively easier to perform. Hair removal with sugaring takes place in the natural growth direction of the hair, leaving the skin soft and smooth and without any redness, ingrown hair or irritation.

Mild, gentle and with long-lasting effect

Finer and fewer hairs with more treatments

100% natural and organic products

Can be used anywhere on the body

Applicable to particularly sensitive skin

No broken hair, ingrown stumps or irritation

Works as a light exfoliator that removes dead skin cells

The first treatment with sugaring we often hear is the worst. Even though it is milder than traditional wax treatment. This is because the hairs are often thicker than you will experience with subsequent treatments with sugaring, which has ensured that the amount of hair is reduced and that the new hairs get a finer structure.

The hairs must have a minimum length of 5 - and a maximum of 10mm before the treatment with sugaring wax will get the optimal effect. If the hairs are longer, you can benefit from trimming them, and if you have any doubts, shave as usual and order a time in 10-14 days. At that time the hairs will have the required length and thus ensure the best possible result.

In addition, avoid:

Using moisturizer and / or oil on the same day as treatment

Sunbathing for 24 hours after finishing treatment

Perfume / deodorant for 24-48 hours after finishing treatment

Remember to show up freshly washed at the clinic so the skin is clean and ready for treatment. All treatments at La Petite Clinique end with moisturizing oils, leaving you with a soft and delicious feel.

Hair removal with sugaring wax treatment is one of the most gentle and hygienic methods to get rid of unwanted hair. At La Petite Clinique, we offer sugaring in Copenhagen with a highly concentrated sugar paste where bacteria cannot grow.



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